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For entrepreneurs interested in pursuing and acquiring a franchise, this can be a daunting proposition. The steps involved in successfully franchising a business are many, complex and oftentimes require legal and business counseling to successfully complete the process. The attorneys at Burns Law Firm have experience in the fast-paced process in the world of franchises and can help you take the proper steps in selecting and acquiring a franchise or expanding your existing small business. Our firm also reviews franchise disclosure documents and franchise agreements for individual prospective franchisees as well as for franchisee associations and groups. 


Our firm is also well versed in the unique problems and developments related to the process whether you are entering into the world of franchising for the first time or are simply managing an existing franchise business in the South Florida area. We will assist you from the start with the acquisition of the real estate and the necessary assets, as well as leasing and day-to-day legal issues and concerns.


South Florida Franchise Agreement Lawyers

To learn more about your franchising legal options contact our attorneys at

Burns Law Firm by either the online contact form or by calling 305-733-8223.

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