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The attorneys at Burns Law Firm offer legal services in the area of intellectual property, including trademark law, copyright registration, domain name disputes, and related business and contractual matters. We represent corporate clients of all sizes, as well as individual entrepreneurs, designers, product developers, and Internet start-ups who operate in entertainment (video, music, TV), clothing and accessories, solar energy, health and fitness, restaurants, international sail-making and other fields of business.

Organizations of all dimensions need to protect their intellectual property, but since they do not have unlimited budgets to do so, our South Florida trademark lawyers provide strategic business solutions at affordable fees. At Burns Law Firm, we provide you with quality legal advice, specialized counsel, and committed and effective service.


Our practice offers experienced and committed professionals to assist you in applying for a trademark and protecting your Mark.

  • We counsel on the selection of a strong and unique Mark and oversee clearance searches.

  • We render opinion letters once a full clearance search has been conducted.

  • We apply to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for registration.

  • We communicate with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as your representative, respond to office actions, file briefs, and handle all proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (if needed).

  • Once the registration is issued, we will file the necessary post registration documents for maintenance purposes.

  • In addition to filing U.S. trademark applications, we file trademark applications in foreign countries throughout the world.

  • We counsel clients on protection, enforcement, policing, cease and desist scenarios, assignments, and licensing matters pertaining to their trademark.

  • We conduct trademark portfolio evaluations.

  • If a dispute arises, our first strategy is always to strive for early dispute resolution and to avoid litigation. 

  • We advise and assist in other intellectual property matters including copyright registration and domain name disputes.


Contact an Intellectual Property Attorney from Burns Law Firm For Accessible Professional, Cost Effective Service, and Practical Solutions. Send us an email at or call our office at 305-733-8223 to schedule a courtesy consultation. 

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