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Land Trusts

The Florida Land Trust is an estate planning method which offers several benefits to property owners. The most significant benefits of the land trust are privacy and circumvention of probate. By using a land trust, no one will need to know what real estate you possess either during your life or at the time of your death.

Land Trust Attorney Serving the State of Florida.

By preventing probate you will also prevent attorney fees and months of delays in the dissemination of your property to your heirs.

By utilizing a land trust with a trusted attorney and trustee, there will not be public record of your proprietorship or ownership of the real estate in the trust. The public records will register the corporation or attorney as the trustee. The tax bill will be directed to the trustee. The property will be supervised by you or by your agent. Also, the income tax returns will be filed by you in the same way they would for property in your own name.

If you are interested in a Land Trust, the attorneys at Burns Law Firm will protect your rights. Please contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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