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Our Florida real estate lawyers are experienced and proficient in Florida real property development transactions and in real estate zoning and regulation laws throughout the State of Florida. Our firm has real estate attorney counselors that offer sophisticated legal representation in Florida commercial real estate transactions, commercial lease negotiations to complex zoning applications for multi-year commercial developments. The real estate attorneys at Burns Law Firm  regularly handle real estate transactions in Florida involving:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements

  • Real Estate Closing

  • Real Estate Zoning

  • Land Use Planning

  • Land Use Applications

  • Land Use Appeals

  • Real Estate Financing

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Condominium Conversions

  • Condominium Development

  • Condominium Documents

  • Apartment Leasing Negotiations

  • Tenant Dispute

  • Rental Agreements

  • Real Estate Permits

  • Real Estate License Applications

  • Commercial Real Estate Contract

  • Landlord Tenant Dispute

Florida Real Estate Attorney

Our Florida real estate attorneys are available to provide legal advice to businesses in any stage of their existence, from business formation to dissolution. No matter what the precise issue, our Florida real estate attorneys are committed to the success of every client. That commitment is demonstrated by our dedication to finding out the specific needs of each client and helping develop unique legal solutions. We help create an effective and efficient path to success in commercial real estate matters throughout Florida.

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