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Many individuals know that protecting their assets from creditors, taxes or lawsuits is a good thing. However, their knowledge is limited, and they are often unsure of the steps they need to take to accomplish their goals. An asset protection attorney can advise them so that they can preserve their wealth.

At Burns Law Firm, our attorneys counsel individuals about asset protection and help devise strategies that will allow them to protect their money, property and other assets. We provide them with the information they need to realize their intentions for their families and heirs.

Information About Asset Protection Planning:

Our lawyers discuss issues such as:

- How trusts, LLCs and partnerships can help preserve assets

- The importance of acting legally to shield wealth

- How to legally protect assets from lawsuits and medical malpractice claims

- How to assess the risk of liability

- How gifting can help achieve estate preservation goals

- The role of retirement plans, liability insurance and life insurance contracts in preserving assets

- The importance of establishing asset protection strategies before they are needed

- The role that offshore assets can play in a comprehensive protection strategy


Our attorneys are client focused and spend the time required to learn the details of an individual’s financial situation. We also help them determine their reasons for working on asset protection and determine the strategies that will help them achieve their goals.

Our clients include individuals with significant assets. Although asset protection is a crucial part of estate planning for such clients, it is also important for people of more modest means. Whatever their financial circumstances, clients can rely on our attorneys to develop strategies that preserve their wealth and protect their property.


The IRS has targeted employers and business owners to ensure tax compliance especially in

the area of classifying workers as independent contractors. This area of law is quite complex;

and worse yet, is subject to arbitrary rules and inconsistent outcomes. Further, most

companies would be unable to pay the staggering payroll tax liabilities as a result of a

reclassification by either the IRS or the EDD.


If your company is subject to an employment audit by the IRS then you need to hire an experienced tax attorney who is quite familiar with this area of law. The potential damages are just too significant to not hire the best tax attorney available.

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